We are El Paso, We are Unique February 16, 2015

The sense of love and belonging that goes hand in hand with being an El Pasoan has always been instrumental in my life. I feel communities in general, whether they relate to our faith, hobbies, or interests, are vital to our happiness. This month I had the wonderful opportunity to write a brief column in The Jewish Voice of Greater El Paso. I’m really excited to share the article with you and mention some of the key issues that guide my understanding of the environment. The preservation of nature and wilderness, as well as the idea of social space and place are issues that are highly important to me. My view of the environment is influenced by the appreciation of the natural world and a desire to protect it. In addition, the social character of our environment affects our lives and the strength of our communities.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Our bike paths, hiking trails, and sidewalks are things that allow our bodies to move and define the neighborhoods, places and spaces that make up our lived environment. It is important to preserve and enhance these resources when feasible as it allows us to connect with our bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
And it makes good economic sense as well, in that cities and places with outdoor amenities are particularly attractive to a younger, more mobile workforce, like your kids or grandkids who moved away. The sunshine in our Sun City doesn’t hurt so much either.

I am committed to protecting our open spaces and enhancing our historic places in District 1. We need a Fresh Perspective in City Council that can create the consensus necessary to keep El Paso moving forward. I am ready to listen, learn, and lead.

Peter Svarzbein

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